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Conversations with Riley #25: Books and Snacks

Remember the Pizza Hut Book Club?

Me: Ah! It feels good to sit down and take my shoes off!
Riley: <sits at attention, looking me in the eye> Hello sir
Me: Hmm… very formal

<Riley rests a paw on my knee>

Riley: Sir it’s been a long and quiet day and even though I’ve been bored I was a good girl and didn’t get into anything I shouldn’t or even eat one of those tasty morsels I love so well.
Me: And by tasty morself you mean… a book, don’t you?
Riley: Mmmmmmm book…
Me: Riley, did you eat a book?
Riley: I love you

Conversations with Riley # 16: Giraffe vs. Hug, Tonight On the 6 O’Clock News

Me: Hey Riley!
Riley: Stay away from my giraffe…
Me: I just wanted a hug.
Riley: The giraffe is mine, you giraffe thief!
<squeaky squeaky>

Conversations With Riley # 14 – Resistance if Futile

Riley: <zooms past couch, bone in mouth, disappears>

~Time passes~

Riley: <zooms past couch, bone in mouth, disappears>
Me: I’ve been the victim of a puppy drive-by. You’re not tempting me with the bone…
Riley: <zooms past couch, bone in mouth, disappears>
Me: Give me that bone!

In Which Leap Day is Every Day (or Riley’s Literal Leap Day Adventure)

Me: Today was made for you Riley!
Riley: <Leap> <Leap> I don’t understand?
Me: Today is Leap Day – it only happens every four years
Riley: Wrong! EVERY day is leap day <Leap>

Today is Leap Day. Every four years, we get an extra day on the calendar. How boring and unexciting is that? So many people today are going to experience the humdrum of life (while forgetting the great things that come along with the things we do):