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Conversations with Riley #22: Sleep Growling

Courtesy Tri-102.5

Me: Hey – since it’s such a lazy day I’m going to take a nap.
Riley: Ok! I like naps!

<I fall asleep and wake up an hour later>

Me: Um Riley…? Why am I buried in your toys?
Rile: You were growling – I thought they’d make you happy.

Conversations With Riley # 14 – Resistance if Futile

Riley: <zooms past couch, bone in mouth, disappears>

~Time passes~

Riley: <zooms past couch, bone in mouth, disappears>
Me: I’ve been the victim of a puppy drive-by. You’re not tempting me with the bone…
Riley: <zooms past couch, bone in mouth, disappears>
Me: Give me that bone!

In Which Leap Day is Every Day (or Riley’s Literal Leap Day Adventure)

Me: Today was made for you Riley!
Riley: <Leap> <Leap> I don’t understand?
Me: Today is Leap Day – it only happens every four years
Riley: Wrong! EVERY day is leap day <Leap>

Today is Leap Day. Every four years, we get an extra day on the calendar. How boring and unexciting is that? So many people today are going to experience the humdrum of life (while forgetting the great things that come along with the things we do):

Conversations with Riley #12: Even Puppies Are Geeks

Me: Look Riley! I got a new monitor! I have DUAL MONITORS now!
Riley: <sniff sniff> Can I have one?
Me: You don’t have a computer – but you can have a treat! (time passes) Riley, why are you just holding the treat in your mouth?
Riley: I wanted a monitor.