In Which Leap Day is Every Day (or Riley’s Literal Leap Day Adventure)

Me: Today was made for you Riley!
Riley: <Leap> <Leap> I don’t understand?
Me: Today is Leap Day – it only happens every four years
Riley: Wrong! EVERY day is leap day <Leap>

Today is Leap Day. Every four years, we get an extra day on the calendar. How boring and unexciting is that? So many people today are going to experience the humdrum of life (while forgetting the great things that come along with the things we do):

  • I have another meeting today (where I get to talk about interesting things with really intelligent and friendly people and get to shape my career and industry in a really positive way).
  • I keep having to go to the store for food over and over and over (to make fantastic new desserts and dinners and breads – oh my!)
  • I need to change the oil in the car again (because I have driven to and fro every weekend seeking out new life and new civilizations – to me – and seeing parks and deer running along the sides of the road and having lunch at new hole-in-the-wall diners – and I’m going to do it again this weekend!).

Riley has a very good point, one that we often forget. Have fun! We all have responsibilities and obligations, after all they come with being a person. You can’t escape it unless you can magically morph to a magical beast. <cough – unicorn – cough> (But I digress – I’m not going to get into my rivalry with the unicorn world… yet.)

Have fun! Go take some pictures – being a great photographer is not required. Go for a ride – the drive can be near or far. Hug a tree – they hug back! Leap on leap day – and look like a fool of a puppy excited to see her best friend after he got home from work!

Leap Day is Every Day.

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