I Care A Lot: Yeah, Ok, Sure

This movie was recommended to me by a friend named Alex 1.0  who nearly wasn’t a friend for recommending this movie. You see, 15 minutes into the movie Peter Dinklage hadn’t appeared and I really, really needed for him to save the day because the protagonist of the story was the worst – I mean I even told Jennifer the Yankee, who is amazingly anxious to see this movie, that is as the scariest movie I had ever seen in my entire life. how is that for a ringing endorsement? The thing is, the horror wasn’t because this was a horror movie, it’s because I am a middle-aged American.  To be fair, I also didn’t know what the movie was about. I watched it without having watched the trailer (which follows), or reading anything about the movie.

I do feel the need to warn you – the ending may not be what you expect it to be.

Overall, this was a dark comedy and the acting was top notch. Dinklage was truly a frightening man and not one to mess around with. At. All. Unless of course your name is Rosalind Pike. Despite the fact that her hair is annoying (not my words – those are Lily the Angel – I trust her judgment over my own). These are two powerhouses at work, make no mistake.

Cinematography wise, this is a beautifully shot and framed movie, and the lightning is pitch perfect. The biggest issue the movie has is that it is definitely not for everyone. This is the darkest of dark comedies, but yes it is funny. When Dianne Weist’s Mrs. Peterson tells you that you were in trouble now (see trailer), well let’s just say that the timing is amazing and I had tears in my eyes. Well played, indeed.

If you like dark comedies, this is a movie for you. Just be forewarned, there are really no “good” people in this movie. If you need a hero, this isn’t a movie for you.

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