In Which Golf Balls Might Explode

Knowledge is power, and understanding our past is essential. As is knowing the proper rules for golf during a firefight with the Nazis. After all, who can argue the importance of knowing when and when not to take a penalty because an explosion moved your golf ball while you are on the course?

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World War II had a major impact on Europe, but the fact that the British were prepared for the coming onslaught is somehow reassuring. I, for one, am all for preparedness (I was a Cub Scout, even if I was never promoted to the elusive Boy Scout status).

I think the Richmond Gold Club should be commended, though perhaps the direction of their focus could have been redirected a bit. But then, the Axis powers had just bombed one of their buildings in a fierce display of anti-golf anger. Perhaps their ears were still ringing, causing them to focus on the finer points of golf rules instead of the safety of their members. But hey, what golf club really cares about its members’ safety, anyway?

(Thanks for for bringing this to light.)

2 thoughts on “In Which Golf Balls Might Explode”

  1. Is this real ? Amazing piece of golf history.
    Rule 8 – If a player is unable to play the ball on account of death caused by an exploding bomb, his place may be immediately taken by next of kin, ensuring he is not any nearer to the hole and preserving the line to the hole, without further penalty.


    1. As a responsible blogger, I can take neither blame nor credit for the accuracy of the report. 🙂 My recommendation is to consider the source, io9 in this case. I, for one, realizing that the internet never lies and having skeptical view of humanity from time to time, believe it to be true.

      That having been said, I thank you for your amended rule. Clearly, Richmond Golf Club’s oversight of this rule was a mistake.



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