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In Which a Shadow is the Future

IMGP0174As summer draws to a close, and autumn hides just below the horizon, I am reflective. This has been an interesting summer.

  • I’ve reconnected with a long lost friend, though she lives hours and hours away;
  • I’ve lost 12 pounds and my issues sleeping are mostly behind me as a result;
  • Riley has played, like she does;
  • I’ve taken my first real vacation in over 2 years – two weeks in Las Vegas and San Diego;
  • I’ve watched as the Braves gave up the season to the Nationals;
  • I’ve enjoyed the company of good friends;
  • I’ve re-read through my writing, and find myself wanting to write more;
  • And I’ve avoided the heat like the plague, which is a way of life in the heart of Texas.

We continue to live with the idea that the ending of the summer is the beginning of of the end, with rebirth in the spring waiting as the next great adventure. I disagree.

The summer is a time of life, that is true, but it is also a time of heat. It is a time of being a recluse, at least for me. This happens every year for me – once the heat becomes unbearable, I draw the curtains, curl up on the couch, read, and withdraw into myself. This is as true this year as any – it’s as true as the changing of the seasons as they are one and the same for me.

My Mustang is named Summer’s Shadow. She told me this name in confidence but I feel it is acceptable to share with you as well. She chose this name for herself, as a way to remind herself, and me by extension, that there is always something great to come. A shadow is not just a shadow – it can be the future. The shadow can be relief- when we can emerge from our caves after the heat has passed. The shadow can be the future – when we awaken and watch the leaves change colors.

The shadow is the future, welcoming.