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In Which We See Really Real Fake Faces

Courtesy Chris Jones’ site, linked here and at the end of the article

Technology is growing at ever larger leaps and bounds. Every day, we awaken to something new and exciting to push this envelope or that one. Two of my best friends are involved in the graphic art, ranging from freelance website design, to theme park animation creation, to graphics on TV shows around the nation. One of them happens to be a multiple Emmy award winner.

With all due respect, this video outstrips them both:

And then there is this:

(To be honest, it’s not just the artistic quality and realism, it’s also the humor and the music.)

The ability of our graphic artists to compose computer generated models that look so amazingly real is mind boggling. I find myself transfixed by their skill, and the results of their work. I can’t wait to see what get get next!

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