In Which You Are Our Dreams Manifest

So the Olympics started last week. I admit, I normally don’t watch. Each time they happen I tell myself I will, but invariably I forget or am travelling or am washing my hair which is no mean feat when you think about it. After all, I don’t look to be going bald anytime soon, fingers crossed. This year though, oh this year has been a bit different.

I watched Team USA win bronze in team figure skating

I watched Chris Metzger win silver in luge.

I watched Red Gerard win  gold in slopestyle.

I have rooted and cheered for Team USA to win, and I have rooted and cheered for everyone else to (gently and literally) fall down as I exclaimed “sit down!” mid-event (Riley may or may not have sat down when I did…). I am not ashamed. Even though these are the winter games, my excitement has reminded me of the amazing 1996 summer games that saw a young woman named Kerri Strug land on literally one foot and miraculously stick the landing.

To Kerri and all of our Olympians over the years: I was and am amazed at the fortitude, at the attitude, and at your pure force of will that each of you super stars exude with every breath.

To the rest of us: let’s honor these men and women. Let them hear us in the rafters, and their opponents tremble at the thought. Team USA, for this week and next, you represent more than your dreams. You represent our dreams as well, the dreams that never bore fruit, the dreams that are quieter though no less important than your own.

This week and next, you are us on a world stage. You are the United States.

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