John Wick: Be Careful Who You Upset

John Wick

“It’s not what you did, son. It’s who you did it too.”

I’m not a huge fan of Keanu Reeves. His movies can be fun, but generally speaking the only character he seems to do really well is Neo from the Matrix.

That said, don’t piss him off.

Minor spoilers below the trailer, as always.

Man’s Best Friend

We learn early in the movie that Wick’s wife has recently passed away. As a final gift, she has a puppy delivered to him after she passes. The puppy, Daisy, comes with a note – the note implores Wick to continue trying, to continue loving.

I’ve had my dog, Riley, since she was 2 months old. She’s about 3 1/3 years old now. If anyone did to Riley what the villains in this movie did to Daisy, well, I can understand why Wick does what Wick does.

Dog is man’s best friend for a reason. Wick proves that man can be dog’s best friend as well, and when vengeance is called for, well Wick doesn’t shy away from that.

Man’s Other Best Friend

Short of Riley you will find that my other best friend is Summer’s Shadow, a 2008 Ford Mustang. I love that car – she’s part of my soul. If she were stolen, well again, I I can understand why Wick does what Wick does.

Reeves does a great job as a grieving widower whose life was just about destroyed when she passed. When his new puppy is killed and his car stolen, Reeves shines as a mostly stoic man bent on revenge.

At one point he says he’s back. Well, from the forums of Dust514, let me just say the gamers say Wick is “overpowered”, and that his “hit detection” and “murder taxi” skills are unparalleled. They’re right.

The Breaking Point

We all can only be pushed so far. We are taught that even so, revenge is wrong. That is why escapism in movies can be so cathartic. Seeing a character on the big screen do what you wish you could do is a good thing, in my opinion. This is definitely a movie to see – don’t expect Academy Award winning acting, but do expect well timed humorous moments in a dark world where there is one real rule: don’t set off John Wick.

I may have to go see this again…

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